Puppy Crate for Boys

For most dog owners, Crate training is the easiest and most effective method for housebreaking puppies. Because most puppies avoid defecating where they eat and sleep, large playpens will not stop puppies from relieving themselves inside. In most cases, crate training only works when the puppy has only enough room to stand up, turn around and stretch. These particular puppy crates include a dividing wall that can be adjusted as your puppy grows. In case your puppy simply can't hold it, these crates also feature a mesh wire floor so your puppy won't have to sit in his/her own mess!

This is a quality 2-Door BLUE crate comes with a heavy duty carrying handle and removable divider panel to adjust as your puppy grows larger. It provides a safe and secure rest area for your pet and helps protect your house from getting devoured while you're away! Completely assembled and ready to use, setup in three easy steps, no tools required, durable, long lasting finish for years of service, great ventilation and high visibility, deep, rigid plastic pan slides out for easy cleaning. Designed with rounded corners for excellent pet/owner safety. Two doors for versatility and convenience.