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      • How To Prevent And Cure Yeast Infections in Dogs

        Here in South Florida, most of the canine population didn't evolve to thrive in these Subtropical Summers. Aside from the increased potential of heat-stroke, the more common issue these dogs are facing is skin infections caused by yeast. For dogs, yeast infections usually occur in the inner and outer ears....

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      • The Padpod Is Now Available To Dogs And Cats In The U.S.

        The latest in luxury lounging for pets will soon make its way across the pond. Most examples of high-end pet furniture are shrunken-down versions of something originally designed for humans. The Padpod differs in that its design is pet-focused with clear lines of sight, raised platform for viewing and an enclosed...

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      • We Now Carry Wild Calling Canned Dog Food

        The Dog Bar continues its mission to provide Miami with the healthiest pet foods on the market. Although our raw pet food items cannot be ordered online at this time, we want to ensure that our webstore customers have access to the greatest canned, freeze-dried and dry dog foods available....

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